Chatbots are becoming increasingly important in the strategy to achieve a quality customer service experience. Always available, from any location, they offer immediate answers to customers or users 24x7x365.

Benefits of implementing a chatbot in your company

The benefits of implementing a chatbot, both on the corporate website and on ServiceTonic’s user portal, are multiple, and benefit both your agents and your potential customers or users.

From providing immediate responses, without relying on any active agents, to freeing them from repetitive tasks, to 24x7x365 availability, the chatbot implementation will allow the improvement of the user experience, a basic pillar of any company.

In addition, if at any time Tonic does not have the answer, it allows the conversation to be transferred to an agent to continue serving the customer, or to open a ticket so that there can be a subsequent follow-up.

Chatbot on a corporate website

The website is a showcase for the personality and philosophy of the company. It is also the place where customers can contact the company, either through the contact form, phone or e-mails, or through a chat. But if in addition that chat is complemented with a bot, the chatbot will be able to give immediate answers at any time to both existing and potential customers, improving the customer experience.

What does Tonic, ServiceTonic’s chatbot, bring to a website?

When a website features a chatbot, Tonic in this case, it can:

  • Provide information or guide visitors through the content of the website, depending on the prior configuration of the chatbot.
  • Answers to questions: both the availability in time and in location terms, since Tonic is completely adapted to mobility, allows the user to receive instant answers to their questions.
  • Redirect users to those web pages that can provide value to your customers. Through the pre-established suggestions that Tonic can offer, the user can be guided to those parts of the web that are of interest.
  • Ticket generation when, for example, a potential customer or lead needs more information about services or products and there is no agent available. Don’t let any potential business opportunity get lost.
  • Information transfer to an agent. Tonic will send all the conversation it has had with the user to an agent so that he/her can continue in a more personalized way.
  • The chatbot will notify the web visitors of any news in your company.

Tonic in the user portal

For those users who already enjoy ServiceTonic’s user portal, the incorporation of the chatbot is intended to help them, providing answers to their queries in real time, and also to facilitate communication with the agents.

By customizing the operation of the chatbot, users will be able to perform various operations through the chatbot.

Some of the actions that can be performed through Tonic are:

  • Consultation of the KB or knowledge database. Through keywords, the chatbot will return some KB topics that respond to that query.

Respuestas del chatbot Tonic

  • Ticket generation. Thanks to the ticket generation from the chatbot itself, communication between agents and users is faster.
  • Offer custom URLs that resolve issues. In addition to the knowledge database, it is also possible to create a series of URLs that can offer specific solutions to users, as well as links to the most common features of the portal.
  • Contact with an agent. Human touch cannot be left aside, so through the chatbot configuration, it is possible to redirect the user towards an agent.

Chatbot and the agents

Once the customer or user has interacted with Tonic, the agents with roles that allow access can consult the conversations that have taken place at any time.

Thanks to this history, it is possible to know at all times, which are, for example, the most common queries, what has requested a particular user on a particular date, even tickets that have been generated from the chatbot itself.

In addition, from the application itself, agents also have a window from which to answer and interact with users participating in the chatbot.

Advantages for support agents

The use of the chatbot also benefits the support teams. In this case, Tonic, also helps reduce the workload of agents, by managing the most common queries, leaving for the agents those that are more complex or personalized. In this way, agents can focus on more value-added tasks, leaving the Chatbot to deal with the more repetitive issues.