Make Customer Service great again with Self Service

We all like a good self-service. To find everything we want and choose what suits us best. Why not apply this concept to the IT service?

The self-service web portal

This is what the self-service portal provides, a one stop shop for users to find all the services provided by their organization
The self-service portal is a communication channel aimed at creating greater satisfaction in the IT service.
Specifically, customers can:

Inform themselves and ask for the services we offer through the service catalog.
Open and consult incidents; their state, who is attending them, etc.
Access the Knowledge Base, where to find predefined solutions.
And, as company, we can:
Automate service management processes such as the reception of service requests and incidents, assignments or notifications.
Provide multi-channel customer service and support centralized in one single point of contact.
Reduce the number of incidents by publishing helpful responses to clients.
 Fasten the service by providing predefined solutions to agents.

The Service Catalog

How are service requests automated?
With the Service Catalog, which provides information about the products and services we offer and how they are carried out, how long they take, how much they cost, etc.
Automation is possible because the self-service portal is part of the Service Desk. Thus, each user’s request is transformed into a ticket that contains all the information related to the requested service and the relationship with the available resources. For example, it associates with each ticket the delivery times and SLAs, workflows, automatic assignments, linking to assets, knowledge database solutions, etc.

With the service catalog, the end user or client finds what they need and sets their expectations in our service. On the other hand, the internal user or employee knows what the client expects from the company and the resources they need to use to meet their expectations..

Why have an IT self-service portal?

1. Increases customer satisfaction.
The availability of all information 24h a day gives the user the opportunity to check the status of their requests at any time. In addition, the automation of the requests management streamlines the service, offering an increasingly faster service and continuous improvement.
2. Because is optimizes IT service management.
The Service Desk behind the user portal allows for coordinating the management of human and technical resources to resolve requests quickly and efficiently.
3. Because it reduces operating costs
Automation reduces the number of tasks required to provide a service.
4. Because communication with the end user improves.
By establishing a clear and easily accessible communication, the customers will understand our offer, choose what suits them and know what to expect from our service to feel satisfied.
5. Because it increases productivity.
Service Desk improves visibility of the service through statistics and graphics, facilitating informed decision making and the ease to detect redundant processes to eliminate or inefficiencies to improve.
We all like a good self-service as it empowers us.
We have seen how a self-service portal helps users find what they need and establish real expectations that we can meet.

What if we apply it to the rest of company?

If we understand the departments of a company as services, we can export the concept of the IT self-service portal to the rest of the company.
It is the solution to streamline internal procedures, reduce the administrative burden between departments, facilitate coordination between employees, streamline resource management and increase the productivity of the entire company.
Definitely, the self-service portal helps us align the provision of the service to our customer’s needs in order to increase their level of satisfaction in our service.
Request a Demo and see how easily you can be up and running with ServiceTonic and provide Self-Service to end users. ServiceTonic ITSM Software solution has an its intuitive interface, integrates with your corporate image and allows you to configure your services quickly and easily. In addition, we will help you build your self-service portal efficiently.

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