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Since the recent publication of the post “How to use the tool ServiceTonic?” illustrating how we use our tool, we have been asked whether ServiceTonic is a CRM or it can be used as a CRM.

ServiceTonic is a service management tool that can be used as a CRM.

What is a CRM?

The CRM comes from the acronym for Customer Relationship Management.
It is a model of communication with customers conceived in the 80s by Robert and Kate Kestnbaum, who started using statistical data about customers and marketing.

The CRM brings closer the company and its customers and it involves both management based on customer satisfaction and the computer support in managing the relationship with customers, sales and marketing.

The concept of CRM is aligned with the philosophy of ServiceTonic, which is to help companies manage and automate their services in the most efficient way to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

What does ServiceTonic do ?

ServiceTonic is a multiservice software, it allows you to define various services and easily configure them according to their specific needs.
The main solutions of ServiceTonic are the ITSM Service Desk for effective IT service management, the Help Desk Software for Customer Service and the ESM Service Desk applicable to the management of any area in the company.

Its great flexibility and ease of configuration without programming of ServiceTonic makes it possible to adapt the tool to any other area, such as Marketing and Sales.

For example, our customers use ServiceTonic for managing the following customer relationships (CRM):

  • Control and monitoring of commercial activities with cost allocation for subsequent transfer to invoicing.
  • Tracking of commercial opportunities.
  • Budget processing and tracking.
  • Citizen Service and Participation.

ServiceTonic’s flexibility adds value to multiple areas within the company because it adapts to the requirements of each service in order to achieve the triple goal of working efficiently, with lower costs and always looking for the highest customer satisfaction.

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