Improve Citizen Service Management with a Help Desk software

Organize Citizen Service Management in a simple system that centralizes requests and streamlines the service.

Why use a Help Desk?

Citizens are often dissatisfied or disappointed by the assistance they get from City Councils. Sometimes, the Councils do not communicate all they do well enough and others, they are not capable of properly handling all the requests and needs of their citizens.
The Help Desk helps improve the citizen’s experience because it:
Centralizes all requests to a single point of contact.
Automates repetitive tasks for faster service responses.
Registers every application and related tasks in order to display relevant information for decision-making, helping the service to continuously improve and adapt to the current citizens’ needs.

How does the citizen’s experience improve?

Very simple, ServiceTonic allows to:
1. Receive and record requests from all channels:web, mail, chat, telephone and in-person interactions.
2. Categorize incidents, prioritize and assign them to those responsible for resolving and answering.
3. Track the information generated in the service anytime, be aware of the status of all requests and retrieve reports to improve the service.
Moreover, it makes possible a 24 × 7 service that can improve the perception of the service by sending automatic responses and enabling an online Citizen Portal where they can always look up the status of their applications.

Through the digitization of citizen requests, it is possible to automate repetitive tasks and processes as well as to centralize the assistance into a single point of contact in order to save resources and provide a fast and effective service.

What services can it optimize?

The great advantage of ServiceTonic is its multiservice capability: a single solution that integrates the management of multiple services with different configurations, with the consequent cost saving.
Use it for an effective management and monitoring of:
• Citizen Services.
• Citizen Participation Platforms (such as proposals).
• Administrative tasks (such as tax collection, suppliers…).
• Administrative tasks (such as tax collection, suppliers…).
• Internal IT support.
• Follow-up of internal processes and projects.
• And any other area that requires automating the management of applications, incidents, complaints, claims, requests, etc.

Institutions already using ServiceTonic

Various Spanish institutions already rely on the ServiceTonic Help Desk solution both to organize their internal departments and to open the service to its citizens.
Health Services Management of the Province of Lleida (GSS)
Provincial Government of Palencia
City Hall of Barcelona
City Hall of Arenys de MarAyuntamiento de Arenys de Mar
City Hall of Baeza

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